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Do you want to get healthy, lose weight the right way, and keep it off? Do you want to know HOW to get rid of chronic diseases without taking medication? Get to the root cause of health problems with personalized lifestyle medicine! North Michigan Avenue Chiropractic in Downtown Chicago offers Personalized Lifestyle Medicine plans.

Personalized Lifestyle Medicine in Downtown Chicago

More health problems than most people realize are caused by lifestyles such as poor nutrition, lack of exercise, poor sleep, and no stress management. As a society, we also spend the most money and time trying to combat these problems with medication. What if you could reduce your reliance on medication, and possibly not need it at all? First Line Therapy (FLT) programs are designed to identify what is causing health problems, like type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and many other chronic problems. FLT programs have been developed and tweaked over many years, and they continue to be changed based on current evidence and best practices. It’s not a question anymore of how to get healthy or get rid of certain diseases, it’s about implementing the correct methods.

What does a First-Line Therapy program look like?

FLT programs start at 12 weeks and can be as long as 16 weeks. You have an initial consultation with Dr. Schulz about your health history, program details, and what you are trying to accomplish. You may need to provide certain blood test results before the first visit. You will fill out questionnaires that will provide all the information needed to develop a personalized treatment plan. You will be given the materials you need that will guide you through the program. These include a cookbook, dining out guide, and a comprehensive guidebook to help you through the program. We will review the questionnaires and go through in detail what the program entails. We will discuss what expectations you should have, and follow up when you’re finished.

On your second visit, we’ll review bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), vitals, daily food and beverage logs, tracking forms, and your personalized treatment plan.

You will be connected with Monique Costello who is a health coach and lifestyle educator (LE) and is trained to help you establish more specific goals, help with meal planning, exercise recommendations, and establishing calorie needs. You will meet virtually with the LE 6 times over the course of the program, and Dr. Schulz 4 times. Visits with Dr. Schulz with be to redo BIA measurements and edit the treatment plan. We will also be discussing the exercise portion of your LE sessions with Monique. Your 6 sessions with Monique will be

  1. Learn a way of eating, create a personalized menu plan, discuss physical activity, and learn about SMARTER goals and successful goal setting
  2. Learn about carbs and their role in nutrition, explore glycemic index and their role in blood sugar maintenance, create a healthy plate, ABC’s of behavior change, incorporate strength and balance, and discover the dangers of being sedentary
  3. Gain a better understanding of the different types of fats, learn to read food labels, discuss solutions for dining out, explore the benefits of establishing a strong support system, and learn the benefits of cross training
  4. Gain a deeper understanding of proteins and their role in nutrition, explore emotional eating and learn to address it, recognize your stressors and explore how to work through them, and learn deep breathing techniques and relaxation poses
  5. Discover the importance of water and adequate hydration for your health, understand the importance of getting a good nights sleep, learn to calculate your target heart rate, and explore the benefits of interval training
  6. Discuss how and why to choose organic foods, learn to make healthful decisions while celebrating special occasions, understand how to put it all together, explore how to manage lapses and relapses, and learn to get the most out of your daily exercise and activity



FLT is not difficult to implement in your life with our help. Lifestyle changes are always a little daunting at first, but if you’re interested in improving your health, changes have to be made. With guidance and goals, you will have a clear picture of what you are trying to achieve and how you’ll do it.


NO! That is one of the best parts. Becoming healthy, detoxifying, losing weight, and reducing chronic disease are all energy-dependent processes. You will be eating, but we’ll make sure you are eating the right types and amounts of foods to achieve your goals. You are changing your relationship with food and making choices that will provide a lifetime of health. This will help you be healthy, fit, active, and have a fully functional life as you age.


You bet! There are a lot of creative ways to implement the food part of this program. You will work hand in hand with Dr. Schulz and Monique to develop an eating plan.


Only you can make the changes necessary to improve health, but following a guide with support from us makes it possible. You will have to be the one to stick to the plan in order for it to help you have the desired results. We will give you all the tools to become healthier and achieve your goals so that you will be able to continue the lifestyle changes you’ve made after the 12 weeks with us.


FLT programs are proven to help people lose weight, reduce or get rid of chronic disease, and overall feel better. Getting older doesn’t have to mean getting sicker. The program has been developed and tweaked for over 20 years based on current research. No need to figure out how to become healthy on your own. The work has already been done for you.


YES! Anyone who has tried to lose weight, change their diet, exercise more, or generally start healthy habits, knows how hard it can be. Most “diets” out there are hard to follow and are unrealistic to continue for life. A lot of them actually shouldn’t be continued for life. Some may help you lose weight, but if it’s not a sustainable lifestyle, it doesn’t last. Programs that restrict calories too much will also help you lose weight, but it’s not healthy weight loss (click here to learn more about this). Normally you just end up with muscle atrophy and haven’t resolved or improved the blood chemistry. When you follow this program, you will be changing the inside of your body, and the outside will follow. Many people lose a significant amount of weight in the first month, and steadily afterward.


This is a $1400 program for 12 weeks. We will recommend supplements for you to take that may be vital to achieving your goals. These you’ll have to buy separately.


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