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With just a couple of laser treatments to my Achilles’ tendon, I went from gingerly crabwalking down stairs to walking down the stairs one foot in front of the other like a normal person.
— Susan G.
This man knows what he is doing!!! I have gone to many, many chiropractors in my day and hence, am very picky. I had heard about Dr. Schulz for years from a neighbor and I finally tried him out about 3 years ago. I have never looked back or looked for another practitioner. He listens and diagnoses my ailments. I get immediate relief. Beyond the immediate relif, Dr. Schulz gives me practical, tailored tips and exercises specifically aimed at what I need. I am stronger and happier because of Dr. Schulz. I always leave feeling better inside as well as outside!
Highly recommend!!!
— Lauralea S.
The beginning of this year Dr. Schulz diagnosed my lower back pain as Siatica, not what I wanted to here. After months of visits and progress I was at the halfway mark. With confidence Dr. Schulz advised me to eat foods that are anti inflammatory. He also did an ultra sound on the Siatica nerve to show me the inflammation around the nerve. That picture said it all, there was no arguing with myself. Dr. Schulz is very knowledgeable on this subject and provided me with resources so I could begin. Much to my surprise by the end of the first week I could feel the difference, my pain was less. After five weeks of eating anti inflammatory foods only my Siatica pain is gone and my active life style is back. Thank you Dr. Schulz. If you are looking for a professional, thorough,knowledgeable and confident doctor look no further, make an appointment and see for yourself.
— Elaine H.