$45 Maintenance Adjustment

We are now accepting walk-ins weekday mornings from 9:30-10:30 for a quick visit with Dr. Schulz. The goal of this visit is to encourage patients to see the doctor even if only for an adjustment; we are making that much easier to fit chiropractic care into your busy schedule. Our patients are always on the go with regular travel, busy work schedules, and home life, and we want to be sure to offer as many avenues as possible for them to be able to keep health and wellness among their top priorities. With a quick visit, patients will be able to seamlessly maintain their chiropractic routines. In the event that the 9:30-10:30 hour does not work for you, be sure to give us a call to see what other times you may be able to be seen. This service is not limited to that time-frame, as that is only window during which we will be accepting walk-ins.

The $45 maintenance adjustment is a cash only service. Because these visits would not include the full chiropractic treatment you experience during a typical visit, we will cut out the complexities that can come with billing insurance for a shortened visit. If you have an HSA, FSA or other form of payment that is issued through a third party to be used towards medical expenses, you are more than welcome to do so. If any additional documentation is needed for any reimbursements you may seek, please contact us so that we can have that available for you as soon as possible.

Contact us to schedule or ask any additional questions.