Laser Therapy

Laser therapy (click link for more information) is a safe, pain free, FDA approved, non-surgical treatment option that can help tremendously with a lot of conditions.  Inflammation is one of the primary causes of pain and disease, and it can be a thing of the past with new technology in high powered laser therapy.

The biggest problem with most therapies is actually being able to penetrate the tissues and get a healing modality into the cells where treatment is needed.  Now, with high powered laser therapy, we are able to penetrate multiple inches deep and target damaged tissues and get rid of inflammation.


Achilles Tenidinitis

Ankle Sprain

Back and Leg Pain

Disc Herniation



Neuropathy - Chronic

Neuropathy - Diabetic

Neuropathy - Polyneuropathy

Shoulder - Rotator Cuff

Shoulder Pain



Wound Healing