Winter and Exercise

Being that exercise is the number one thing to improve health, getting motivated to exercise in the winter seems a lot harder than when the weather is nice. We often don’t have any plans for an event, whether it be a race, wedding, or just looking fitter. Those are usually very motivating factors. Shifting focus from looking forward to an event, to working towards establishing long term healthy habits is where our focus can lie. Anybody who is successful at being fit and healthy has been able to be consistent. Luckily, there are lots of options in Chicago for indoor exercise. Traditional gyms are good, but lots of people just find it too boring to go do the same exercises all the time. Our society is definitely becoming more health and exercise conscious and we see the effect of that through all the specialty fitness studios that are open around the city. You can go to cycling classes, yoga classes, stretching classes, boot camps, personal training studios, and many other types of exercises to keep things interesting. ClassPass is a great way to have lots of different options. Personal training can also be very useful to help with motivation.

Peter Schulz